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About Us

About us

A people's city boutique with Scandinavian vibes

Hi there. It’s nice to meet you! 

We are TwentyoneWood, the brand with the branch. When you would like to meet in person, come visit us at Ritsevoort in Alkmaar. Simply look up to find our branch and hop in. 

At TwentyoneWood we keep it open and light. Making sure our collection is getting the spotlight it deserves. Let the items inspire you to create the style that suits you. Some days that may feel easier than others. We are always there to support you on that journey. And good coffee can help…did we mention you’re welcome for that too?!

It all began with Steven, a man with a passion for people and beautiful clothing. In 2016, he followed his dream and established his own world of fashion. A men’s boutique came to life at Ritsevoort 7. While things were already going well, they took a turn for the better.

The men’s boutique thrived, and across the street, an empty space caught our eye. Questions arose: “Should we try a pop-up? Are we ready to showcase our feminine side?” Absolutely! We were ready. A women’s boutique was born at Ritsevoort 14.

That’s our story in a nutshell. Along the way, we’ve gathered Roy & Rowan, who feel like family. Get to know our team better here – meet the team -. We sincerely invite you to join us as we step into the future together.

Let’s all feel inspired by each other
in our world of fashion.

Lots of love,

P.S. You don’t have to pick a side.
Feel free to come as you are and shop as you like.


Store manager | Fashion lover | Digits expert

This man is the real deal. He possesses an innate sense of style. For him, an article of quality and beauty is crucial. 

Before he joined our team, Roy felt perfectly in place in a jeans store at the canals in Amsterdam. After his time in Amsterdam, Roy hit the road to tell everybody about these good pair of jeans. This is how he entered our lives.

At Twentyonewood he found what he was missing. Thus, we welcomed him with open arms.

Nowadays we cannot really do without him since he resolves every issue, knows everything about the store and the collection in it. If you have a question, just ask!

Whenever you visit the store, Roy loves to know how you are and what your upcoming plans are. Meanwhile, he styles you in the nicest outfits. Roy makes you feel right at home.



Founder | Ambience creator | Fashion lover

Meet Steven, the soul of the company. When meeting Steven it will feel like meeting a new friend. When he established his fashion domain, prioritizing a welcoming atmosphere stood as a fundamental value. To this day, it remains not only one of our most important values, but potentially the single most paramount one.

In the past Steven learned everything about fashion while working in several companies and even explored opportunities in the banking business. The job that thought him the most valuable lessons was working with young people who need a mentor in live. He would do everything in his power to show them what they could achieve.

Nowadays he still sees and enables the talent someone brings to our brand. He will encourage you to put yourself out there. That is what our team reflects.


All-round stylist | Visual merchandiser

Meet Lauryn, the creative stylist and visual merchandiser of our Women’s store.

Lauryn brings a unique blend of Scandinavian-inspired fashion with an urban edge. Her keen eye for detail and passion for contemporary trends elevate the ambiance of Twentyonewood.

Beyond her nack for fashion Lauryn is known for her kindness and social demeanor, always ready to assist customers and share her infectious enthusiasm for fashion.

Experience Lauryn’s vision firsthand, where every detail reflects her distinctive style and commitment to creating memorable fashion experiences.


Behind the scenes, 

All teams need a men behind the scenes, Bauke embodies this position for our company. He manages his own bookkeeping company and knows every number in ours. Nevertheless, he is not only a walking calculator he is also a listening ear to every one of us. 

We are blessed to have him!


Student | TwentyoneWoodie

Keep it simple and spontaneous with our Viggo. He is living in Amsterdam and exploring the students’ life. We are lucky to have him with us during the weekends.

Back in the days, he already loved to explore the world. You would find him outside, playing soccer or kitesurfing. All in all creating adventure stories with friends.

When it comes to fashion he is most happy in a good pair of jeans styled with a hoodie. And last but not least a pretty smile on his face. When you meet him, he will always try his best to put a smile on your face as well.

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